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I would say get the winder ( you can get the 40 or 50% off Joanns.com coupon.). And do a google search for how to build the swift yourself. There is a tutorial that uses a couple of dowels and washers. There's another one from Tinker Toys.
Usually knits shrink much more lengthwise than width. I was just bemoaning that fact today as ds's longies fell down again.
Hey, Susan, nice to see you again!
If your library has Ann Budd's Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, it has charts of numbers to calculate different sweater styles with any weight of yarn. On Knitty, there's the Banff sweater. For $5, there's a pattern on Etsy called My First Sweater. Berocco's Doreen sweater There are a couple KNitting Pure and Simple ones, too.
Welcome! My husband's an April Fool B-day, too.
Evan is on potty strike. Sigh. Not sure how to handle it, so mostly I just offer it randomly, and let it go. My 1st was in preschool, with bitty little toilets, and lots of peer influence. So even though he didn't completely have the hang of it until 3, he was pretty interested in trying. This refusal is new to me.
You'll want to put it in a zippered pillowcase, to keep the fuzz out of your machine's insides. I also throw a couple tennis balls or my canvas Keds in there, for a little extra agitation. Since you want to cut it, not felting to fit, you can put it on a long hot cycle. You can't really overfelt if youre not worried about size. Another thing I do to speed it up is to pour a kettle of boiling water on the item right before I start the machine.
Hey ladies. Ursula, my Evan is 4/20/05.
I voted the 2nd choice, but it's not really accurate. My waterbirth was great. 11 lb, nuchal hand (which he stuck out as he was crowning!), one teeny tear, no sutures. 6 hour labor, 20 min pushing. His apgars were great, good latch etc. At ~ 6 hours pp, he went into resp. distress and we took him to the NICU where he was on CPAP then regular O2 for 3 days, on room air one more day. Final diagnosis? "transitory tachypnea" Translates as temporary rapid breathing. ...
A couple of people on another site said that they did a similar announcement in 2004, shut everything down, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: