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I think if you duplicate stitch over the first knit, then do a purl stitch, with the bar going over the second, and repeat this. It might help to look at a piece of ribbing while you do it, so you can see where the yarn would go.
I know a lot of stores are required to throw out non-prepackaged foods that are left at the checkout. I don't know for certain about porduce, though.
Wow, Stell, that is great!
THe easiest way would be to figure out how big around you want it, and how many stitches in your yarn that would take, then look at the different sizes of the Wallaby and follow the pattern that has the closest cast on number. Just remember to adjust the rate of decreases, too.
Oh, good ,I see my fabrics. Thanks again for doing this.
I ended up getting one from here. Not great, but better than local. Also, Zipperstop on Ebay has massive amounts of zippers.
What about the cardi from this DROPS set? Or Lucy in the Sky from cosmic pluto? Emerald, in knitty; I love this DROPS one, too. Not free, but I love Eris (from the designer of Rogue)
I'd say no. He's the one who spaced out on dates. Also, I don't think it's a good idea to set a precedent for getting out of school. I think 7-goin-on-2 is pretty common. Eight was a huge relief for us. We also had some great help from Ds1's school. They hada group therapy kind of thing, where they learned a lot of skills for dealing with emotional turmoil in a less disruptive way. The Gesell Institute books (Your Seven-Year-Old; Your Eight-Year-Old; byAmes and...
I'm looking for something different from the Coats & Clark ones. I need 18" separating. TIA!
Where would one find nice zippers? I need an 18" separating zipper for KPS hooded toddler vest, and can't find anything butthe coats and clark or YKK plastic boring ones.
New Posts  All Forums: