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My 2 faves are Fern & Faerie and the Wooly Wonder Perfection Pants. Bot hof them you can use any yarn/needles. THe F&F has soaker, pants, and footie pants all in one pattern. The Perfection Pants have a lot of great tips and tricks, and Pam gives great support.
THere's a couple ways you can do it. If your library has knitting books, look for a book on knitting gansey sweaters. The underarms on those have gussets.
Congress to Raise Alpacas
I like to p/u one stitch for every stitch where the picked up stitched line up with the body, and 2 stitches for every 3 rows where it's perpendicular.
You could get some thin wool sweaters, felt them, and make patches for the elbows. Sort of the "professor" look.
Some brands the "natural" or cream, is actually bleached.
I have one, too. I think mine's the older one also, as I got it at Tuesday morning for $25 a year or so ago. It's great for doing gauge swatches or for projects that use needles I won't often need. One thing that really helps me use them for knitting in the round is to put a smaller tip on the left and the actual needle size on the right. This lets the sttiches slide easily off that needle while the right needle determines the gauge. The other thing, I know a lot of...
There's a free pattern on Lion Brand site for worsted weight kid socks that is very nice. Also, any of the universal sock patterns (google or check Knitty.com's archives) where you use your gauge and the foot measurements.
It depends a lot on the yarn you use. A super soft merino will stretch out quickly and fall down. If you wash after every wear, it might work. A sturdier yarn, and going down 2-4 needle sizes will help. BFL, Peace Fleece, FIsherman's, LTK Farm Yarn, etc. will all stay tight longer than merino. Also, you can do fewer stitches for the waist, then increase for the hips. The Perfection Pants pattern works well for staying up, and I usually don't need a string.
Here's a little tutorial on how to avoid knitting inside out. http://www.az.com/~andrade/knit/circular.html#insideout and another: http://www.socknitters.com/lessons/lessons.html You probably can just push the work down through the circle of dpns so the stockinette side is out, and keep going.
New Posts  All Forums: