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Ply actually doen't have anything to do with thickness. You can have 4+-ply sock yarn, and single chunky yarn, and every variation between. What you want to look for is suggested gauge and yards per pound. The needle suggestion on that page looks wrong. 198 yds in 100 grams (3.5 oz)is about the same as Cascade 220 (220 yds in 4 oz). So you'll want to use a 6, 7, or 8, whatever gets you the gauge your pattern calls for. You should be able to get newborn longies from...
Knitting continental style is easier on your hands than english(throwing) style. It seems like crochet would be harder on your hands, because I tend to move my wrist a lot when I crochet. The main thing is to try not to use your wrists to move your hands. If you can do most of your movement with your shoulders, you'll be less likely to injure your wrists. As much as possible, throughout everything you do, you should act as if you have a ruler taped to the back of your...
There are several good online sources for learning either Magic Loop, with one long needle, or using 2 circulars. Also, Hiya-Hiya makes 11" circulars. You can get them at KnittingZone.com
It's so hard when courts don't recognize that standard visitation may not be best for the child. TO answer a PP, my sons dad had been very absent, seeing him only once or twice a year, and the judge gave hime stnadard alternate weekends, E/O xmas, and 5 (!) weeks continuous of summer break. He told us before court that if we proceeded with the hearing, he would give my X all of spring break every year. DS was 5.
Hmm, yeah a 17 is 12 or 12.5 mm dpending on manufacturer. But (you know I have to) Swatch it! Especially for something as big as that. I'm all for winging it on hats, and even socks to some extent, but I have done way too much ripping, and knit two sweaters that only fit my LO for a brief time (2 weeks and 3 months) to mess around with sweaters.
I guessthis thread can seem odd to those who are new to MDC. It was started by a black woman, because there were comments made on other threads insinuating that black people were scary. Or that neighborhoods with minority populations are scary, etc. Again, I really hope peole will read the earliest posts on this thread, the first couple hundred at least, before misinterpreting the intent of this conversation.
I'm just going by the "I'm so shocked to see this on MDc" type responses. And the huge number who voted of course not. They may tell themselves it has to do with location, time of day, or gender, but I bet if they were being totally honest, they would admit that they react differently to black people than to white.
Two observations about this thread: 1. People TOTALLY misinterpret the purpose. Are you even reading the first page?? 2.I suspect a LOT of people are being less than honest.
I like both the F&F and the CP. I find the CP fits better now that he has slimmed down a bit than it did when he was a total butterbal with a buddha belly.
Oh, flapjack, good to hear the UK yarn is nice. Still haven't ordered any, as I'm not sure if my CC will charge me extra for ordering overseas.
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