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I love O-Wool. I'm not a huge fan of peace fleece, as I'm sort of sensitive to mohair, so I can't really compare them fairly. I'd say the O-wool is softer and nicer on the hands than Fisherman's . It's probably most comparable to cascade 220 as you're knitting, but a bit thicker. It blooms nicely when washed, and gets even softer. IT's not as soft as 100purewool, but it pills less. I'm pretty sure there's a review on Knitter's Review. If you're on Ravelry, you can...
I htink if you just add one to the number she has before each turn, it should work out. So you'll have 2 stitches in the center of the heel, instead of her one.
I toss a pair of old keds or a couple tennis balls in and it speeds it right up.
Quote: Originally Posted by babygrant Does anyone have any pictures of Jess with Noah or Gavin? I'm looking for 10-15+ of each of the boys. Also, 10-15 pictures of Jess and her DH. There are some more pictures on the funeral home site, too. Click on archived tributes, then on her name at the top, then on photos. SOme of them are ones that aren't on the other pages. http://www.leberlakeside.com/
I will send fabric. I can pick some up next week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joyce in the mts. The river is flowing, flowing and growing The river is flowing, down to the sea Mother, carry me, your child I will always be Mother, carry me, down to the sea No longer a seperate drop of water Jess has flowed into the beautiful sparkly sea spanning all shores... ...Just as we all will one day. Blessed Be J. That is beautiful Joyce.
Goodbye sweet mama.
Thank you for letting us know. Ursula, I do have stuff I will donate. I'll try to PM you or sophiekat tomorrow with more info.
Holding you in my heart every day. May you be at peace and know that you have made a difference in the world. Holding my 4/05 babe and praying for yours. Lia
Sending you my best today.
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