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OP, can you explain the correlation between dark under eye circles and gluten sensitivity? I hope I am not crashing your thread, just curious. Thanks!
thanks a bunch, blanca, tha is what i was looking for! if anyone comes up with any more sleep- wake info for babes i would appreciate it!
hi mamas, i remember reading about a philosophy for sleep patterns f young babes that went something like1,2,3....then 2,3,4....then 3,4,5. the gist of it was that at perhaps 2 months old a baby will wake in the morning and need to nap after 1 hour. then upon waking the baby will need another nap after 2 hours. then upon waking the baby will nedd another nap after 3hurs. the time between naps extends as the baby gets older. does this ring a bell with anyone? can you...
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