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I am finishing my AA this semester and have been doing a little research into paralegal certificates, so I'm looking for insight from anyone who is, has been, or knows anyone who works as a paralegal.    So far most of what I hear is that it's a stressful job, pay starts out pretty low and it's hard to work up without a lot of experience and/or a bachelors, and that the well-paid paralegals are highly specialized. Also another thing I keep hearing is that it's hard to...
I'm kind of in the same boat, looking for something to get me back into the swing of regularly working out. I agree with the youtube suggestion, just takes some experimenting with different ones to find one that works for you and that you actually like well enough to keep doing it! Good luck 
ds: Quit breaking everything!!!!! I know you're just trying to figure out how everything works, but COME ON!!! I can only afford to replace so much stuff!!!   dd: Be a little bit tolerant of your brother.... seriously!!!! You're not going to burst into flames because he accidentally touched you!!!
Another recommendation for Ladybug. We've really loved them.
When I hear/see "Trendy" or "Glamour", I tend to think of pricey boutiques, not consignment shops.  That being said, I voted Trendy Tykes because tots seems too young (or at least more so than tykes) and glamour definitely sounds exclusively girly.
22/2013   box of kid clothes to consignment several bottles of perfumey lotion regifted bag of papers shredded from desk purge bag of papers recycled from desk purge misc. packages of expired food from kitchen trashed  broken items: cat food dish, immersion blender, 3 toys, 2 planters, 2 coffee mugs plastic Xmas tree donated   63/2013
Mine are often at odds too, it drives me completely nutty. They're definitely worse when I'm tired or cranky and have little patience with them, and they're better when I (or Grandma or uncle, etc) have been able to spend quality one-on-one time with each of them recently. I'll be watching to see what others have to say!    editing to say that I've heard "Siblings Without Rivalry" is a good book, I haven't checked it out yet but I probably should sooner than later.
I don't think it sounds too harsh, but I would try to have a few really short books on hand for those nights you just have no more energy. 
Is there any way you could accept fewer children? Or at least not take on any new for a while? I agree with others who suggested hiring help, if that's a possibility. Even if just to outsource some of the chores/cleaning/errands that would take away from time with your own kids (or your sleep!) Could you hire a  neighbor kid to come help do dishes and laundry a few times a week? Might not cost much and would take some of the burden off your shoulders.  It will get better!
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