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So so cute, Cindy.
Beautiful story, Ellie, so pleased it went the way you wanted. And how sweet you got to cut your daughters cord
Congratulations Sunshine! Delighted for you and looking forward to hearing your story
Ah MrsBerkeley, congratulations! She is just gorgeous. What a great weight too. Welcome baby Lucy.
Aw WLL, they are really coming on.......such cuties too, well done How are you all coping with the pair of them? My DS is more work than his newborn brother right now. Scruffy, Nate is also adorable. I can see him growing fast too! Enjoy every minute of him.
Whoops double post! Must take and upload some pics too. Like the belly thread, it's all self-portraits (baby and I self!) that I have. I must get some decent shots taken.
Congrats Meggsy! Stay in that cocoon as long as you can, it's a precious time that goes so fast. Enjoy your new little man. Welcome Hugo.
Hurrah Velveeta, and welcome baby Simon! How funny you got to leave hospital for home when most folk do the opposite A precipitous birth is amazing but takes some time to process. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.
Aw wow, he's a cutie! Enjoy every minute ChocChip, their littleness passes so quickly.
Oh Tear, that sounds tough! Sorry you didn't get your VBAC but you did what you had to at the time. Baby Frederick is safe and that's all that matters......he's a cutie btw, congrats x
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