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I have never been through this so my advice is very minimal and inexperienced. Try to determine if maybe something has made her uncomfortable. If not, tell her how you are feeling and tell her that she has one more chance and if she continues to act like this (after her 6 day vacation and any other pre-approved time off) then you will need to let her go. Remind her that you spent money to find her and while she has all the qualities, you just can't risk her taking time off...
I have no answers but hope that bumping this up will get you some. 
I have no asnwers for you but am interested in what others have to say as well. Thanks for posting! 
Welcome to Mothering!!!
Welcome to Mothering. I'm sure you will find lots of helpful information and advice in the forums. I am also on the fence about vaccinating and I also feel very strongly that every woman should at least try breastfeeding and that those who say they couldn't, for the MOST part, probably were misinformed, uneducated, and unsupported. I care because if I can spread the right information and help just one new or expectant mom give her baby the most precious of gifts then I...
She may be fussy during feedings because her gums are sore from the teething, making you believe she wants something else, and then  she goes and chomps on you. My 10 month old son has learned to stop biting by me simply exclaiming "ouch" when he bites and immediately ending the feeding. It took time and persistence for him to learn he can not use me as a teether. It is very, very uncommon for a baby to wean him/herself. Breastfeeding is more than just eating for them,...
For all of my births all I did to prepare was do special exercises like squats , pelvic rocks, hip stretches, meditation, breathing, and relaxing techniques. I read books from Ina May Gaskin, Birthing From Within, Sheila Kitzinger, and Childbirth Without Fear. I enjoyed all the activities and felt very prepared just from  the book Birthing From Within while Ina May Gaskin's books were informative and encouraging. I also watched birth videos and researched routine...
I have no answers for you but I am hoping to see some of the suggestions as my 10 month old and I seem to have Thrush again but he barely has any symptoms from what i can tell although my nipples are sometimes on FIRE. So hopefully bumping this up will get us some suggestions! 
Welcome to Mothering! I'm sure this site will inspire you!!
Hopefully Bumping this up will get you suggestions. I, for one, could appreciate something on how to begin EC with an older baby, mine is 10 months and his diapers are always causing him rashes. While I could just cloth diapering, the upfront expense is too much for us rather than 20 dollars here and 20 dollars there even though disposables are more expensive in the end, for us its about the upfront costs so I'd like to try EC with my son if its not too late. 
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