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Welcome to Mothering and congratulations on your choice to TTC!    For TTC: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/178/trying-to-conceive   For Pregnancy: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/47/pregnant-mamas-official-mothering-com-group   Childbirth: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/213/birth-and-beyond , http://www.mothering.com/community/f/166/birth-stories   For Circumcision: (which has sub forums for intact care and intactivisim)...
I did hear that after being on any type of BC, but especially ones with hormones, it can take a while but hopefully bumping this post up will get you some answers, advice, and support. 
It sounds like maybe its normal for his to act like this. He is probably distraught from any major changes which isn't abnormal from what I know. Hopefully by bumping this up your post will get some answers from more experienced people. 
The talking back is definitely normal. My 4 year old does some of the same as yours. Hopefully bumping this up will get you some advice and support from others but I personally think what you are already doing is great. 
Thanks for sharing. 
I have no answers but hopefully bumping this up will get you some. I am also following ;-) Thanks for asking all this. 
I'm so sorry you have to go through this. VBAC has been considered safer than Pitocin and Epidural use yet it is continuously denied by health care providers. While I do not know enough about UC (I am also researching and studying this because when I have another child in 5 years I want to be fully prepared and have considered this) to give you any answers, hopefully bumping this up will get this post some attention and some answers you can use. 
Babies have a literal need for the closeness and affection hugging gives. Damage can be done if you withhold that from your baby and even more so under 6 months but even older babies need that. Babies only way of communication is through crying, that is their only way of letting you know that they need something. And when your child does finally quiet up it isn't because that need went away, but that he or she learned that that need won't be met, they lost that trust. Do...
I know people personally, and its quite a few, who have their degrees and can not get a job and are too proud/embarrassed to survive off of minimum wage jobs. Another example for a different perspective is some kids whose parents have the money and push them into college and then the kids drop out or find a different way, outside of college, to achieve what they want to do or maybe the kid completely changes their mind on what they want to do and has to start all over...
Congrats! Welcome to Mothering. Feel free to browse the forums and join groups that interest you. 
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