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I have not tried the castor oil technique but, like you said, there are very different opinions about it. However, I have heard that it makes you go into labor by causing intestinal contractions but I really am not sure how the science of it all works. I do know, however, is that if you won't go into labor and want to avoid an induction you may want to ask your doctor about a membrane sweep. I had it done and began contractions the next morning and had my son 4 days...
Hi Sara, I hope things get better for you! I have no answer to your question but hopefully by bumping it up it'll get some attention. If you concerned you should really speak to your doctor or midwife. 
I have no response for your post but I hope by bumping it up it'll get some attention!!
I understand your feelings. I am the same way with my 7 month old. He would do that all day if I were to run around topless. LOL. However, I don't think my son is cutting out breastfeeding sessions, I think he is just so interested in what is around him that he can't help but look around, plus, with his new found ability to crawl, he just wants to keep practicing. So maybe your son is just about to reach something big, or maybe he is teething (they teethe up until 3 I...
I wonder if some chamomile tea would help to relax you. Also, a whiff of some lavender essential oil might also help ease your anxiety. I like to avoid medications when breastfeeding. 
This thing is acting wacky. I was trying to do a thumbs up and it took me to reply???
No information, but I saw your post and hopefully bumping it up will get you the answers you need. 
I'm sorry that I have no information to give you but bumping this post hopefully it'll get some attention. 
I am sorry that i don't have any info for you but I did see your post and wanted to bump it up for attention. 
Thank you for sharing emmy526! 
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