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My sweet baby girl finally arrived!!! Indee Rose was born on December 27, 2012 naturally in the water! I have been enjoying her so much I haven't updated. She's 3 weeks old! I wrote my birth story on my blog with pictures of my water birth and video!!   http://naturalmommynaomrs.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-sweetest-indee-rose-december-27-2012.html
Still waiting for my baby girl! I am 40 weeks 5 days today, and been experiencing prodromal labor for 3 weeks now! I have been having constant BH contractions and cramping, but no progression! Really hoping she decides to debut her sweet face soon! Any other mamas go through this before their babies arrive? I have been contracting since 38 weeks. This is all new to me, as my son came quickly and easily at 38 weeks. Really trying to stay patient and tell myself the prize...
Am I the only one who hasn't had my baby yet?!!! I was due 12/21/12...it's now Christmas and I am still pregnant!! All of your sweet bundles are precious!
Thats awesome!!!! I have been feeling some movement since about 14 weeks. Im 16 weeks now and feel little thumps when I am sitting still and resting. I cant wait to feel kicks and feel it from the outside!!
My son is 2 and is still nursing. I am 15 weeks. It has taken quite the toll on me this pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. I still have pretty intense nipple pain, but still allow him to nurse when he asks. He nurses probably 4-5 times in 24 hours, and doesn't nurse during the night. There is hardly any milk though! When I try to express some, only drops come out! He still asks for it, and nurses a while...so he must still like it. I dont plan on weaning him,...
Thank you!!!  
Hello everyone! My name is Naomi. I have a vibrant, wonderful two year old boy and expecting our second 12/21/12! We have not found out the gender yet, but are very excited to know! I am a SAHM during the day, and work a few nights per week as a waitress to help pay for our homebirth. Not ideal, but we need the money, and it still enables me to home all day with my son. My son was born at a birth center with a midwife, but this time we are having a homebirth! Couldn't...
I tested positive for GBS with my first pregnancy, and had planned to get the antibiotics during labor. My labor happened so quickly and progressed faster than we could make it to the birth center, and had no time for them when we got there. Now that I know more about GBS I will opt out of the antibiotics this time if I test positive again. My midwife does a blood test at each appt after 30 weeks to test for it, as you can have it one day and test negative another.  
Just joined the group!!! So excited to follow along with other moms expecting in December!!! We haven't had an US yet, but do plan to have one around 20-22 weeks. I have my first prenatal appt (I have just now found the midwife I want and love) July 30th, which I will be 19 weeks 3 days, so hopefully I can get an ultrasound scheduled with her then!
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