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Does classical music is good for a child?
I was supposedly breastfeed my baby but I have no milk at all. What are the causes of this problem that I had. Did I made something wrong when I was pregnant or it's all about the genes that I have?
Hello all the mothers'. I am a new mom. I would ask some guidelines on how to discipline a child without hurting physically and emotionally.
I don't know how to determine if you are fertile or not. Any notes or resources can you provide?
I am a first time mom, what is the books for toddlers?   Any suggestion.
Try traditional medicine, below might help you how to get pregnant in a natural way http://www.nativeremedies.com/ailment/how-to-get-pregnant.html.
I depends on the parents, If you want to use a stroller in a 10 or 8 year old is alright as long as it is reasonable for us, why he/she doesn't want to walk.
Yes it is normal.You know I am sad that your little ones acted like they don't need your care. It made you think that you are not worthy. Basically this is the time you need to explain and  feel them the value of time and love.Just spent time to be with them like before going bed, read them a book something interesting. Feel them that no matter what happened you were there to help them.
I am confused, I am not using yet, and it made me think which of those contraceptives are most safe and no side effects. Majority above has their own body reaction regarding IUD. Has anyone any thought. Do i need to use or try that? or not to try?
New Posts  All Forums: