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Went to the Doctor a few days ago. I got to hear the heartbeat again and my doctor seemed pretty happy. We get to go back in four weeks to find out what we're having! My mother in law is convinced that it is a boy since the heartbeat was at 150..we'll just have to see.
Thank you for the replies. I am trying to relax and just enjoy the pregnancy.. I am so very excited 
I am 16 weeks pregnant today and no matter how hard i try i cannot shake my fear that something will go wrong and I will lose the baby. I have had an u/s at 9weeks 6 days and my baby had a strong heartbeat and you could even see him/her squirming around. At 12 weeks I had my doctor check for a heartbeat with the doppler because i was so scared that something would go wrong. After telling me not to worry if she couldn't find a heartbeat that it could be hard to find...
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