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I wasn't even thinking that this was a milestone, but I came across it in what to expect. DS is almost 2.5 and cannot jump. He thinks he's jumping when he's asked or says he's jumping, but he's pretty much hopping up and down without getting any air. Anyone have a late jumper?
I always thought that echolalia was something more like Mom: "do you want a cookie?" Kid: "you want a cookie" The kid doesn't really understand what it means, but is just repeating what the mother said. I could be wrong here though. I do know that toddlers like to repeat and copy things, so who knows really lol
My DS will be 2 1/2 in a couple of months and sometimes he will exhibit some "red flags" like spinning in a circle or being a picky eater or throwing a tantrum etc. can't these things just be a normal occurance of toddlerhood? Or do they always equal a diagnosis of some sort. He's a pretty smart guy, I think. He can name the letters of the alphabet, knows his colors and shapes well. He speaks well, mostly speaking in sentences now. He's loving and likes to hug and kiss....
My DS loves that book too!
DS is almost 2 and he says around 120 words or so. I've noticed lately that he's started mispronouncing some words that he previous said correctly. For example, pepper he now calls peppey. On the other hand, I've also noticed an improvement in some words he couldn't say well. He calls a towel a towel now, instead of "wowel" He's also started to call me mommy instead of mama. He's kinda using them interchangeably now. It's funny how he just started calling me that.
Thanks a lot everyone! Recently he's been sharing his head "no" for some questions I ask, even if I know he means yes.
Thank you for your replies! Sorry I took so long to write back!!
or say "yes" or "no" He says around 12 words or so and understands a lot, knows body parts, can point to mom, dad, grandma, etc. Im wondering if this is "normal." Anyone's child not doing this yet? Thanks!
Hi everyone!! I posted this on another message board, but you guys are more knowledgable, in my opinion. I've been worried about autism since i was pregnant with my LO. I'm just neurotic about it all-- I can't help myself, it's like an obsession. Does anyone mind if I share some of my concerns? Ok, good He's 14 months, 13 adjusted (tomorrow.) I've noticed that he doesn't really look where I point-- he mostly just looks at my finger. He doesn't seem to follow my gaze...
hi everyone! I'm new to these forums- just stumbled across in a google search. I'm madilyn and I have a 13 Month old son. He was born 5 weeks prematurely so he is 12 months adjusted. So, lately I've been pretty concerned about his receptive language, or lack there of. I've been reading up on things and it seems by his age he should be performing simple Commands like "give me the ball" or "come to mommy" he doesn't do anything like this. I have been working on it with him...
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