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I'm  17 weeks and the perforation is 6mm long and my uterus in that area is only 2mm thin. Its really scary. What kind of scar did you have?  You have made it almost to the end, and I'm sure in your case a vaginal delivery will be fine. My OB referred me to a prenatal specialist and they are saying I may be hospitalized at 24 weeks for observation.   Please let me know what kind of scar you have.
I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have a 2mm defect in the lower part of my uterus which is 6mm long. I'm at high risk for a separation of the uterus. I'm very tense and worried that I may not make it through incase of increased pressure by the baby. Does anyone know of or heard about someone being in the same situation. What was their outcome?
How is your pregnancy coming along? I read your posts and have the exact same issue as you. I've had consults with prenatal specialists. How far along are you now?
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