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Love the costumed babies!   Here's Miss Layla in her baby cow costume (even though I'm pretty sure I'm the cow in this relationship....)
Just wanted to offer some ((hugs)) to you.
I was pregnant within a couple of months after my mirena removal and have a happy and healthy 3 month old in my arms now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
I give her gum massages, lots of toys to chew on (we love Sophie the Giraffe), burp rags to chew on. Trying cold washcloths tonight. I'm not convinced the Hyland's teething tablets do a damn thing beyond the initial distraction, so I'm not using them anymore.
I look like that also. I'm not sure how old you are, but my baby belly skin doesn't seem to want to bounce back as quickly as it did when I was in my early 20's and popping out my babies!
I can get boogers out with the snot sucker!
Mine did this in the first 8 weeks and then settled. She also won't take a pacifier. We tried to time outings with sleepy time - that helped a bit, but not until those first two months were over and she was overall screaming less. She's 12 weeks now and we were even able to do a 7 hour car ride a few weeks ago!
The snot sucker is far superior to the bulb syringe. If for no other reason because it's near impossible to properly clean (and dry) a bulb syringe. Plus, the amount of suction it provides isn't enough to help a little one with moderate congestion.   BUT - the same company that makes the snot sucker also makes the Windi. This one, I cannot...
I've heard that there is a flavorless Vit D supplement - not sure about multi or with iron. I do know that the Enfamil tri-vi-sol tastes horrendous. My 12 week old gagged, heaved and vomited. I tried it and darn near did the same. 
Oh...but before anyone gets too jealous, I'll mention that we're up almost every night with my 10 year old. Last night it was from 3-3:45. Yaaaaawwwwn.
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