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Layla is 12 weeks old and I swear she sleeps more than she's awake - including a 9 hour stretch every night since she was a week old! It's heavenly. No complaints!
If you aren't feeling well, I'd call and let them know. The headache is somewhat concerning if it's a new thing for you.
I feel a little lost today. Got my IUD placed, and while I know it's not shutting down shop forever, I'm just sad to be done with this amazing journey over the past year. Now, we get to start a new one!   Thought I'd share a little slideshow I made of the past year along with a brief birth story...http://howtomakeasmile.blogspot.com/2013/07/our-journey-to-layla-slideshow.html   Hope all is well with everyone else. I've had a tough time accessing the forums and...
I tried wrapping baby ON me instead of putting on the wrap and then inserting baby - and oh my gosh - it's amazing!!! It felt so much better and she just loved it. I never even knew this was possible - so THANK YOU for passing on your wisdom! I need to spend more time here picking your mama brains. ;)
Layla will be 7 weeks old on Saturday - and so far, we have smiling (between 3-4 weeks), rolling over (which SHOCKED us at 6 weeks exactly - I didn't think it was possible!) and sleeping through the night...7-8 hours before nursing, and then another 3-4 hour stretch! She's amazing at night...probably to make up for all of her crazy during the day. ;)
Bumpkins - you have the BEST ideas! I'm totally going to try wrapping baby on me vs. putting the wrap on first!   I use a Moby at home, the K'Tan while out and about for quick trips - it's just really fast and easy, but not nearly as secure as what I can do with the Moby. I also have a Boba (DH and I have used it just a few times - I don't love the bulk and buckles) - I can actually nurse in it easily because of the buckles and straps, though. I can nurse in the...
Kitteh - looks like dinner at our house! (or breakfast, or lunch....I swear - every single time I put a bite into my mouth, little one wants boob!)
Not too late, kitteh! My belly shot wasn't late enough (37 weeks and I delivered at 39.2) and my newborn picture was later than I had wanted (she was 2 weeks or so).
Tenk - I LOVE that photo! You are so blessed. :)
In and out. :)  
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