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Yeay, Kitteh! Congratulations - I was stalking things around here to see how you were doing. Can't wait to hear about your birth. :)
Thinking good thoughts for those of you who are struggling right now. Enjoy your labors...it's going to be such an amazing, special event. I wish I could go back three weeks and do it all over again - three weeks ago right now, I was SURE for the first moment that I was actually in labor. Less than 5 hours later, baby was in my arms (and hasn't left yet!)
I'm madly in love with her.
Here's my Layla at 8 days old.
Layla June arrived June 8th. Beautiful unmedicated hospital birth - daddy caught his first daughter and we went home to snuggle hours later.
Well...whether or not she comes out is debatable. 4 cm today, loads of contractions - but no baby! I'm not used to being pregnant for this long! :P
Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Love the story. :)
Hula hooping her out at almost 39 weeks!  
Sex, spicy tacos, long walk, bouncing on birth ball and acupuncture (although that was a bit premature and I wasn't thinking it would work - but it did help with getting her into perfect birthing position!)
My kids are 7 and 9...so yeah....maybe it is because it's been so long?I'm also trying so hard not to wish these precious days away. I will never be pregnant again. It's going to be quite a loss, really.
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