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Getting SOOOOO impatient. I have a hunch this little one is going to come AFTER her due date, which is strange given my history of delivering early twice now. I'm such a planner, and the mystery of her arrival is really challenging for me to deal with.   I'm trying to stay busy - cleaning, walking, being involved with kiddos sports, time with friends, yoga. I'm tired, though - sleep isn't easy anymore. My back hurts a lot when I sleep for some reason. Sitting isn't...
Lauren Vose at Women's Healthcare speaks Spanish. I've loved all of the midwives there!
That is one of the most beautiful birth videos I have ever seen!
Just for fun...my first and latest belly pics, with one in between for good measure:
I have pulled a few things together. I'm 36 weeks, but delivered at 39 and 38 weeks previously. It just helps me to relax more in those final exhausting weeks to KNOW I'm ready to go at any moment.   Car seat has been installed, so kids can get used to it before there's a sister in it also!    We are crazy busy with our big kids and business, so it's important to us to be ready sooner rather than later (but watch - this baby will cook for another 6 weeks or...
29 days...but I've never been more than 39 weeks pregnant before. Last one was at 38 weeks. It'd be so awesome if this little one was fully cooked a little early, too. I'm just so excited to see her sweet face. Even more excited to watch her daddy and brothers fall in love with her!
I'm using Songza on my phone and bringing my bluetooth speaker along. I've been cruising different stations and starring the ones I think I may enjoy during labor.
Not sure about chiropractic, but I'm a HUGE believer in acupuncture - it's worked miracles on me for so many different issues, and I know that some acupuncturists specialize in turning breech babies!
Awesome! Thank you! I agree that this pillow is amazing and totally worth it's cost even if you only use it during the first few weeks that you're establishing a nursing relationship. It's much easier to use than regular pillows or a boppy. Nothing compares. DH said, "Isn't it just like a boppy?" NO!!! It's not! :)
I'm pretty sure that craving carbs as we approach delivery is normal and natural. We need to fuel up! I'll admit that I've been caving in too often to the cravings also, though - and need to work harder at eating the healthy/high protein snacks FIRST before giving into the sweets craving.   Babybel cheese and apple slices are my go to.
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