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Thanks for the stories, everyone. The more I've looked into it, the more I realize that we're still on track. I'm going by my dates now, not the LMP EDD. I just hope my providers will accept that. It's going to be a super long first trimester since I got my BFP when I was only 3w1d!
Thank you all for the support. I talked with my midwife and we can do bloodwork, but while it may give us some information, it won't change the inevitable from happening (be it a healthy pregnancy or not).   Twelve days, because I already had one scheduled and I'm trying to keep it simple - as simple as I can. I'm switching from one midwife's care to another...and trying not to double up on all of my appointments. It's kind of hard being inbetween, though....I just...
I so, so wish I hadn't refused the beta HCG draw, because I had my u/s today and they just saw a sac - that may or may not be anything. (The tech said it may be the start of a sac, may be a cyst or something...do they seriously not know?) I wish I'd had blood drawn to KNOW if my numbers are good, because now I have to wait for 12 days, thinking there may not even be a baby in there.
I was sent in today by my midwife for a 6 week u/s to check for viability. They saw nothing. An empty sac - could be the start of something, could be nothing or a cyst (according to u/s tech). The thing is, I charted this cycle and really appear to have ovulated 3 weeks into my cycle. I think my EDD is more like May 7th, but my midwife used the wheel with my LMP and said it was May 1st.   Please tell me this is one of those cases where the provider is wrong, my chart...
Continued good thoughts for you all! Glad to hear of the good news over the past couple of days for some of you.   I have my first ultrasound in the morning - I'm so, so nervous. I want this so badly and I haven't felt safe and secure about it at all for some reason. I had mild pink spotting (more like CM tinged pink) a couple of days ago and a bit of brown CM today - it's alarming to me. I know it can be all good and normal, but it can also signal a problem. I just...
I nursed my first until I was 6 months pregnant with my second. At that point, my milk had all but dried up anyhow. Once I was pregnant, it was actually somewhat painful to nurse, but I'm not sure why. Being able to nurse that far into my pregnancy made picking up nursing a newborn a few months later all that much easier, though!
What doppler are you guys using? Did you purchase one or are you renting one from somewhere?
I've been insanely tired, too. Luckily, I've mostly been able to sleep long hours at night and not needing to nap during the day - but all of that may change tomorrow when school starts for the little guys.
I loved L&D. I've always said that I'd do it ten times for one baby! I'm extra excited this time around, because my husband is so amazingly supportive and interested in the process - plus we're planning on a home water birth. I can't wait!
Thank you, ladies! Hearing the reminder that it can be normal really is reassuring.   For the record, that midwife that we had a rough time with will NOT be our midwife. It was during an interview and she put all sorts of doubts into our minds unneccesarily. (For example, doing an hcg urine test with VERY dilute urine and stating "you aren't pregnant according to this test. If you've gotten a positive test before, this may mean you're miscarrying.")
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