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How stressful. :(   Did they offer you an u/s or a cervical check? Those things may offer some information on what your cervix is doing.   Thinking good thoughts for you!
Almost 29 weeks - and while I can feel really hard, knobby body parts, it's tough for me to tell what they are. A knee? Elbow? Foot? Head? My midwife said it's still kind of early to tell, because they're so all over the place!
I wrote my midwife a letter explaining how much her support meant as I went through a miscarriage. She told me it meant the world to her and she actually put it up in her office.   I think a sincere, from the heart letter is the best gift in this situation...and of course, a photo! Maybe get a photo of her with you and the twins.
Wow - that's a lot to deal with. I think even someone who doesn't normally struggle with anxiety would have a tough time with all of that. Keep venting anytime you want...and hang in there...thinking good thoughts for you and little one.
26 weeks, getting love from her brothers....one kissing on the left, one feeling for kicks on the right. :)   And a self portrait with DH in the background at his gym. I say it's a miracle we even pulled this pregnancy off given how glued we seem to be to our electronics. :P
I'm SOOOOO excited to meet this little girl. The next 12 weeks cannot go by fast enough!    The only thing I really need to do to get ready for her is clean out a dresser and a closet to make room for her stuff. My shower is in a few weeks, so we'll have to get our hands on whatever else we need that we don't get. Going on a cross country trip in a couple of weeks and a bit nervous about that, but it'll help pass the time!   Less than 100 days.....ahhhh!!!!
  Ugh. Fingers crossed this isn't the norm. Thanks for the heads up.
  Oh geez. Well, it's not like it's a bad thing at all to gain 40 pounds! I gained only 11 with my first (because I was overweight myself to start with), lost a lot of weight between babies and then gained 40+ with number two. It's all good. :)
I'll be testing after a normal breakfast. I feel much more comfortable with those results anyhow! I have no issue with the taste of the drink or anything - but the amount of sugar involved? It's disgusting...and unhealthy...and there's the whole false positive issue, and my HG and a million other things....   Glad to know I'm not the only one!
  I love Juniper! I considered it. My middle name is June, which I have always loved (and in my culture, June means "sweetheart", so it was always extra special to me) - so our daughter is going to be Layla June. I'm in love with her name already.  She gets her own unique name that honors her culture, shares mama's middle name and share's daddy's last name. Perfect!
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