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  The ones who only gain 25 pounds were very likely very, very sick in the first trimester. (Raises hand!) Don't be jealous of that...I'd rather feel better and gain 40+ pounds...although at this rate now that I'm feeling better, I may be right on track to do so. :P   All pregnant mamas are gorgeous, IMO. :)
I've found a TON of my preferred diapers (Fuzzi Bunz perfect fit) on DiaperSwappers. Love that site for buying/trading dipes. I also scour Craigslist and keep my eyes open at consignment shops.   Love the sprayer attachment on the toilet. I use a pail next to the toilet to hold dipes until laundry time.   I use disposables until they fit into the small Fuzzi Bunz. I usually get so many leftovers from the hospital and shower gifts that it works well this way.
I am SO hungry. I feel like I eat waaaaay more than my fair share, but I swear I'm only eating when I'm hungry!   I am feeling so blessed to feel this way, too....after months of horrible nausea (which still rears its ugly head from time to time), I'll take ANY symptoms over that awful feeling!
I'm SO in the same position as you are. I've been agonizing over decisions, changing my mind repeatedly - just not sure what to do. $3k is a LOT for us also. I realize that it's a "good" price for what we get, but that doesn't change the fact that it'll create its own set of circumstances we need to deal with.   ...sigh....I just can't figure it out either. Keep talking, kitteh - your processing actually helps me also!
I know that fasting/drinking 50 grams of glucose aren't the only ways to diagnose gestational diabetes. I'm pretty well read on the topic, but still confused as to why some providers push SO hard for this test. I mean, I get the complications of gestational diabetes, too....   I don't know...just wondering who is looking at alternatives and why.
Awesome news!
Thinking good thoughts for you!
23 weeks, 2 days at one of my favorite places in the world - the southern Oregon Coast.  
It's a handy labor tool, also - you can wrap it around mama's hips and twist the fabric in the back to give her a tight hip squeeze. It's equivalent to squeezing her hips with your hands, but is MUCH easier on the support person! I can do one or two hip squeezes with any measurable intensity before I poop out, but with a robozo I can go forever!   (I'm thinking it could help SPD by applying pressure to the hips...feels great to me now, anyhow!)
Do you have a long scarf? Does it have to be stretchy? I've used non stretchy cloth as a rebozo in doula work.
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