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I don't have any better advice to offer, but wanted to say that you aren't alone. We can't afford the home birth that we wanted, but insurance pays nearly all of our hospital birth costs. It's total BS. Ridiculous. I don't even understand.
I got this top at Motherhood for $14   Plus this to go over it until it's warm enough to wear as  tank for under $20   As well as a light blue (turquoise almost) tank in the same style that goes well with the coral top, too! That way, I have different looks for different weather PLUS tanks for yoga! They have a ton of colors in both the tanks and the convertible sleeved cardigans. It's a super cute and comfy outfit!
Sling and bouncy chair or swing. I can do most everything with baby in the sling - some cooking/cleaning required me to set them down for a bit. As they got larger, I moved them out of the sling while they slept (when they had more regular nap times).
  Just now seeing this...can you still not see my pictures?   Anyhow, nope - #3 is all girl! I've known for over a month and still can't quite believe it.
Thank you so much for responding! I'm looking into the sling you rec'd. I'm willing to try something new, but will so miss my fleece KK pouch!
Not worth the risk to me. I don't need alcohol - easy enough to skip!
I have a Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch that I absolutely adored - we used that sucker for years and years. It's the only piece of baby gear I saved - that's how much I loved it.   Besides the fact that my last baby was a November baby and this one on the way is a June baby (no way can I carry an infant in fleece in July/August!) - I've been reading that the pouch slings aren't really acceptable anymore? At least for small infants? I can imagine it's still alright for...
My anatomy scan was last Friday. Little one is doing great - everything is perfect in there!   Here are a few pictures...     And how anyone still doubts our baby's gender is beyond me! It doesn't take a pro to know what's going on here ...
Well, yes and no. I'm having a doula present at my birth, but I'm not "hiring" her. She's my best friend, and I attended her birth last spring - so she's returning the favor. (I am a doula as well.)   Don't worry about sending that letter to decline other doula's services, but please DO send it! We're used to getting those letters, and any decent doula is truly wanting you to choose who YOU feel good with. I'm not disillusioned into thinking I'm the perfect doula for...
My placenta is very anterior, and baby likes to snuggle right up against it (we've seen this in all three ultrasounds recently!) - so I just don't feel a lot. :( I'm 20+ weeks now.   I'm assuming it'll be at least another month, maybe two, before DH feels anything.   I will say that my son felt movement on me at 13 weeks - but that's when baby had a LOT of room, and did a LOT of jumping/moving around. I felt WAY more movement weeks 12-14 than I have since! Crazy,...
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