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I was so hesitant to buy a doppler after hearing so much negativity about the use of them. However, I researched and researched and came to the conclusion that the amount of stress reduction it provides for me, along with an opportunity to bond is SO, so worth it. I'm so very grateful for my doppler - it's given me peace of mind and really helped my mental health.   We all have different ways of managing our pregnancies and I support women all over the board in my...
Heartrate, ring test and shettles method were right for this girl. My morning sickness was much more severe than with my boys, too.   Chinese gender predictor and old wive's tales about cravings were wrong, as was my own intuition! I was SO SURE this was a boy - I just felt it. In fact, I'm still struggling to really grasp the concept that this IS indeed a female child growing inside of me. I'm not bonding like I think I would with a boy. Strange. I'm sure I will,...
Yeah - i was going to say Old Navy maternity yoga pants. I have a hard time finding them in stores, so I buy online. I also search at thrift stores, although I haven't had a ton of luck there for some reason.
18.1 today and still nothing! What baffles me is how much I felt between weeks 12-14 and now nothing? Not a tiny flutter, no random jabs - nothing! I know she's good in there, and moving away (based on doppler checks). It's a bummer, as that's my favorite part of pregnancy and even with my second pregnancy (almost 8 years ago now!), I was feeling substantial movements at this point.   Oh well...nothing I can do about it! Eventually, I'll feel something, right? And my...
I've had such major anxiety this week, really struggling a lot - and counting on my class this weekend to provide some relief. I'm not sure that it will, but I'm interested to find out how much better I can feel (emotionally, as well as physically) after I go.
I passed out at 1 am when I went to the bathroom. Actually, I felt it coming on so I yelled out to my husband and stumbled toward the bed (with my pants still down) - and crumpled into the floor next to the bed. I was only out for seconds - long enough for him to get there and try to scoop me up. It was horrible, awful, terrifying - but I know it was a combonation of being hungry and massive anxiety that I was experiencing throughout the evening. I wasn't taking good...
At 18 weeks, up 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. But, I did lose several pounds between then and now. I'd imagine I'll gain the standard pound a week from here on out, as I've done before with pregnancy.
I'm so sorry. Take good care of yourself.
Thank you for understanding! I feel silly for whining, but I'm doing it with a smile on my face - just feeling SO blessed that I'm not pukey all the time anymore. I'll take whatever else is thrown my way, but I am DONE with that. :)   I had the SCH last pregnancy and it was terrifying - so I feel your pain, too! Hang in there.
Just wanted to whine a little about my anterior placenta. I hardly ever feel baby girl move, and that is hands down, my favorite part of pregnancy. :( Oh well...I will soon, right? I used to feel her all the time...maybe my placenta was not as large? Or perhaps it shifted a bit? ...sigh....I want to feel movement - I'm almost 18 weeks!
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