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Just wanted to jump in real quick and say hi, redpepper. I'm due mid-October as well. This is my 7th. I have had 6 homebirths, 4 of which were UC and the last 3 of which were waterbirths. Each experience is unique. I tend to have faster and easier labors each time. I hope the same is true for you. :)
Typically, I can't get pregnant until my cycles shrink down to 28 days. The last 2 times I got pregnant I found out the day I missed my period.   You both have good input. So glad I posted my question. :)
Update, last night I took a pregnancy test that said I was 3+ weeks past conception. That's where the reading maxes out. So I guess I'm at least 5 weeks along. *shrug*
Good question. I've been testing every few days or so. So it's a blur. Lots and lots of negative tests, wondering where my period suddenly went. Then suddenly, dark positives. Well, this pregnancy is going to be a bit of a mystery unless I get an ultrasound which before now has not been a thing I do, and probably won't be doing this time around.
Anybody have a guess? I'm not seeking a diagnosis. I just wondered if you other experienced birth geeks might have a clue.
My sixth child is 17 months old. Three nights ago a positive pregnancy test showed I was pregnant with our 7th! We are very excited, but also, I'm a bit puzzled. You see, I took many negative pregnancy tests before I finally got a positive one.   I am 21 days past my estimated period,  according to monthlyinfodotcom, because I was cycling irregularly and was cycling an average of every 40 days. The cycle spacing was shrinking down to 36 days before I got pregnant. So I...
Just keep an open mind, is all I can say. Prior to birth there are no guarantees. Are you cool with a twin UC? I would be, which is why I didn't do any US when I thought I might have twins. I didn't start suspecting there was just one until a couple of weeks before the birth - it was a weird pregnancy. I'd say see what you feel like at 36 weeks, if US has no interest for you. --  If you did check now there's less chance they would misdiagnose a major deformity, but they...
Personally I think the anatomy scans are famous for breaking people's hearts for no reason. They have helped people and they have hurt people. A percentage of mothers abort to avoid birthing a deformed child and rid themselves of a healthy baby. Another percentage just goes on to agonize for days, weeks or months until a follow-up scan, only to find a healthy baby. I think this emotional impact is physically harmful to the pregnancy. So because of that risk I do not...
Well, you know what I did last time, birth at home, see how he was doing and then I got to stay home because he good to go. I was a few minutes shy of 36 weeks along. He was the best at nursing, the healthiest early baby. Babies can be very different. Healthy babies act a certain way... after having six children it becomes glaringly apparent what health and vigor is, but I don't think you have to have six to figure your own child out.     My body kept dropping...
Your not crazy for wanting a private birth. But it sounds like you would probably be happy with a midwife on call or even in your living room. This might be the time for waiting to see if you want to call her and it can be an accidental UC for you too, allowing for the midwife to be right there.    But you really need to learn the signs of when to look for help. It's not like trouble would just escape your attention. But still education is good for a UC.
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