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Poor guy. Glad he doesn't seem to be in pain, they bounce back so quickly. When I try to view your pictures and error message comes up that says: Blocked by SonicWALL Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category- Pornography
But if you guys are sharing a shoe or something, [/QUOTE] Hee hee hee, this cracked me up.
[*]He talks nonstop about Ohio and how things are in Ohio and oh did you know that in Ohio the cop cars don't have license plates and this that and the other thing is so much better in Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio[/LIST] QUOTE] No advice, but glad we got rid of him, unfortunatley it sounds like he's out there giving us a bad name.
Maybe Dick Francis- it has been awhile since I read any of them but I don't recall them being too gruesome or grown up- they almost all involve horses, incase that is an interest of hers.
She also drooled a lot when she was preggo and had a drool cup. This is weird. I'm glad I have never needed a drool cup.
That's incredibly sweet. You should feel proud.
Of course parents do not have complete responsibility. You can some what control what happens in your own home. You can cook healthy meals, buy only healthy snacks. You can encourage your teens to join sports teams, ask them to go biking, walking, hiking etc.. with you but you cannot force them to. You also can't control what they eat while not with you. You can model and encourage healthy eating habits and talk to them and try to find out what underlying issues may be...
I wasn't aware that mamas were allowed to get sick I'm with everyone else though... TV Fruit Snacks 3 baths in one day Whatever it takes
I'm really sorry that your feelings are being hurt. I think if it were me I would get a couple of good books and enjoy not having to be the entertainment for the duration of the attitudes.
I never really was the peeking type, I really love surprises; but my sisters were. When I was about 5 or 6 we peeked at our presents and were soooo happy to see we were getting Cabbage Patch Kids. Well imagine our disappointment on Christmas morning when all the presents had been opened and nobody got a Cabbage Patch, ok then picture when we went to the neighbors house later to compare presents and there were our dolls...our friend down the street had gotten our...
New Posts  All Forums: