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Thanks for bumping this up and for the welcome!
What a great thing you're doing by fostering!  Well, it always recommended to give cats until 8 weeks to be with their mama.  It's not a dumb question at all as it happens all the time that they're given away earlier than that.
I went through this with my twins.  I remember and feel your pain!  Try moms groups through Mothers and More, meetup.com or moms International.  They have lots of different meetups which will help you get our of the house and around other moms who understand.  Also, you might connect with one or more of the women and make friendships.  The great thing about having a small baby in warm weather is you can take walks with a stroller.  It's even better if you can walk to...
Try crazyboards.org.
I have a yellow lab puppy who is in her first training class.  While asking about classes, I found that I can have her take an intermediate and then advanced class, which would make her eligible to be a service dog.  I love to volunteer and think this could be a niche for me.  Of course, over time I'll be able to make that decision rather than right now, but I am considering it.  I was hoping to hear stories from those who have dogs who are service dogs they take to...
I carried to 38w 1d.  I did have contractions at 34w 2d and the hospital staff were able to stop them.  From there I was put on modified bedrest until 36 weeks.  I wish you a long twin pregnancy!
I love having our b/g twins, but there were a couple of years where I was bitter because I felt I was disadvantaged from those my age who had just one and were enjoying/savoring their time with their babies/toddlers - well at least more than me.  That said, they are 4.5 now and many parents near me seem to be craving for their kids to play with other kids.  Well, you know what?  Mine have built in playmates :). Yep, if they play with others great, if not, that's fine...
QueenOfTheMeadow, I'll definitely check out that forum and hope you enjoy your summer!   To-Fu, Thanks. I'm enjoying it. It was much more challenging with them before this age! Hang in there.  
I'm happy to be here and meet all of you.  I have been browsing discussions and am pleased to see the gentle discussions and sensitive answers given in threads.  How very refreshing.  A little about me: I have 4 year old boy/girl twins and have worked very part-time recently, although I am taking the summer off.  I hope to be around for a long time!
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