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Quote: Originally Posted by trinity6232000 Did anybody else have the lop sided hair cut. Cut above your ear on one side, shaved underneth, and then it would gradually get longer on the other side so your bangs could hang in your face? Yeah that was my cool look. Me! I did! Class of '94
Subbing, and ticked off on your behalf :/
7th grade sounds about right for the end of Miquon... Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm thinking that we're going to check out the Life of Fred fractions book to begin, but also spend some time on a few things that are still a little weak- multiplication tables and long division, primarily.
...and I can't believe it! They grow up so fast, sigh... I'm trying to figure out where to go from here. Dd is pretty smart with math, she's doing fine. We could probably stand to do more arithmetic drill (times tables and such) but we can do that on our own. More workbook pages like that will drive her nuts, she's ready for pre-algebra. I'm looking at Life of Fred, it seems like it might be fun...but I do not want to have to dodge religion. Can any...
I did, and I was out of coffee, too.
We always do breakfast, too. My mom makes a kind of egg quiche thing (but without crust, what would that be called? She bakes it) and we have blueberry muffins, and fruit salad, and some kind of meat. Then for the rest of the day we just have cold cuts, cheese, crudite, and cookies. It's nice and easy.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhinderliter cx~ hugs. when a poly person finds someone who feels almost like a soul mate does that ever seem to lead into the mind set that you feel you must make that person your primary or get out of the relationship you have with your primary now? dh is very afraid that i will find someone else that i would rather be primary with. i can't really abscond his fears since we have not had any partners as of yet so right now i...
btdt....there was a week or so last spring when I thought I must be severely hypothyriod all of a sudden. I couldn't think straight, had no energy, thought I was seriously ill...then I realized I'd accidentally bought decafe beans. Doh!
I don't think it's rude, I think people who make a big deal out of such things are silly. I like the look of fall leaves, and once the trees are about done I rake them all into the flower beds for mulch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Devaskyla A paperback & a lottery ticket (yeah, yeah, I know, lotteries are evil...I still like the suspense every so often & I did win $75 when I was 18) My dp says "The Lottery is the tax on people who are bad at math." For $10? Hm. Probably really cute socks. I'm, like, sockdreams.com's favorite customer.
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