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I believe Sabrina Foulks does. 
My husband works at froedtert hospital so our insurance is through there. I'm assuming they're very similar. I had a home birth in January with LaNette McQuitty, who is a CPM and wasn't on our insurance network but the deductible ended up being very reasonable. I highly recommend her. She is part of the CARE network as well. 
Adaline'sMama, do you like Juniper? It has the 'p' sound from Calliope and June as a nickname, if you like that. No pressure, just totally lurking and thought of it 
Ugh, yes! Of course it's totally different no than it was a month ago (I'll be 17 weeks Saturday). At least for the first few weeks I could assume what will make me puke or I just wouldn't want the food to begin with. Three times this week I've been happily in the middle of a meal before realizing I was about puke.
I love this idea. How far along are you? 14w5d How are you feeling? I feel great mentally, just so excited to be pregnant. Physically, I'm getting better. No nausea anymore as long as I don't take my prenatal first thing in the morning. Totally with everyone here on the exhaustion front, though. I worked for five hours yesterday and then came home, took a three hour nap and still slept twelve hours last night. Have you felt movement yet? I've noticed flutters when I'm...
I'm a student midwife planning a homebirth (apartment-birth) with my first, in early February. And incredibly, incredibly excited to have a midwife that I know really well as 'my' midwife.
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