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I hope you dont still feel like a failure. you didnt fail in any way!  
its not a fluke--it happens all the time.  you really dont have much reason to worry.  
my mom always told me i was born by c-section because i was upsidedown. I felt special.
My daughter doesnt like to eat either. we have her sit with us and make her a plate--if she doesn't eat it then, I save her plate and sometimes she eats it eventually. if she doesn't eat it by the next meal I throw it out.
its possible for black children to be born light--most are, since the sun is needed to activate melanin. Not sure what to tell you about two failed home paternity tests, however. perhaps try to get a test a local clinic or lab/
where were you when you had a complete rupture? sounds like a horrible experience.
you do realize thats fraud, right?  
Vivid dreams but none came true. I loved the vivid lucid dreaming though.
my friend had a 4th degree tear at a birth center. she had it repaired at the hospital, but the midwife convinced her to get repaired with no anestheisa so she wouldn't have to be admitted. then she went back to the birth center. which briefly caught fire.  
not providing a caregiver with health recrods or information you know is relevant is a lie of omission surely
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