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  I didn't say it was any sort of predictor!!! Eeeep! Where are you even getting that?! I am saying, women birthing are not louder than some "loud" people engaged in sex.   
I don't think mentioning that homebirth is cheaper will help your case. If they think you'll get a homebirth no matter what they say, their choices are 1) pay for your homebirth 2) pay nothing for your birth. It's the same reason that it actually makes sense not to cover birth control: women will pay for contraception out of pocket if they have to. 
We've wandered pretty far afield but:   If one can have sex in your apartment, one can birth in your apartment.
It's already been said, but bears repeating, that HB is NOT restricted to low risk mothers in the U.S. (and Oz, and I am sure other first world countries as well). That particular fiction leads to HB looking scarier than it is. But of course not many HB proponents want to shout from the rooftops, "oy, lots of moms are proceeding with homebirths despite high risk pregnancies and having bad outcomes, thus skewing the statistics!"
If your midwife is going to risk you out, are you going to find a new one? Or is she still leaving the choice with you? Based on your post, it sounds like she has a strict cut-off? True, you could have a low "normal for you" hemoglobin levels, but you could also have a "naturally" elevated risk of hemorrhage. Of course, your absolute risk could possibly still be low... but I don't quite see how being someone with naturally low hemoglobin levels adds up to not having...
I did my prenatal visits on a modified schedule (fewer visits with more time between) per negotiations with my OB. The nurses and schedulers were having none of it but my OB was great about it. Good luck!
Doesn't it say something, though, about the reality of jury trials, that you're finding it so hard to find a lawyer who will take your case? It's not a question of talent, or confidence, or desire for justice. It's plain old experience speaking. But I agree with your instincts, I don't think you should front your own money, because at the end of the day, if you're going to lose, I'd hate to see you lose money along with all the stress of trying and losing a personal...
Woah @ bolded.  I am constantly amazed at how many people engaged in this particular discussion cannot see that it's an area where reasonable minds can differ. I personally am still on the fence, after reading extensively on both sides of the discussion (and having an educational and professional background that helps make me a relatively sophisticated consumer of scientific literature).    Many women choose medicalized birth after a natural birth. Hard to think of a more...
The fetal doppler you've been using has the exact same technology as an ultrasound. That's why I was so perplexed you were willing to use one but not the other. 
I was thinking about you and your dreams of 3 after your thread was locked and I was wondering if it could possibly be a symbol of twins with one placenta. Lots of people think the placenta has its own spirit, and I could well imagine it being represented as a baby (or a teacup) in a dream. 
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