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Hi! I'm stuck in a rut of meal planning w/my current Kosher cookbooks. Everything is heavy and uses margarine or other fatty things. Kosher meat is also $$$$$ so we try to stick to fish and lean chicken/turkey once a week or so.   Do you have resources that are your go-to's for Kosher meal planning?   Thanks!
Hi! I found another post here about a toddler who was traumatized from a hospital experience. I'm going through the exact same thing right now, and was wondering what we could do that's age appropriate for my 18-month old?   He was hospitalized for a week due to Septic Arthritis (MRSA in his left knee), needed surgery, IVs, drains, scary needles, etc. He still can't walk, and will need PT on his leg. He also still has a PICC line for IV antibiotics. He's incredibly...
I admit...I'm a bit sassy. Sarcasm is my friend.   Thanks :-) I'm going to happily spend time in the recipe boards!
Hi :-) Good luck to you this cycle!   I suffer from Stage 4 Endo, so I know a little bit about what that's like. I actually had a lap for my endo and went on Lupron for 6 months (don't recommend it). It took us about 2 years overall to conceive DS, but really...it was about 10 months of true charting/cycle timing and actual ovulation.   Feel free to msg me if you have other questions about dealing with endo. It's super fun, right?
I found my way over here from a link a friend gave me. My son was just in the hospital and has some serious PTSD from the whole experience, so she found THIS which is SO helpful.   DH, DS and I (along with our PITA dog) live in Baltimore. DS is 19 months old. I work full-time in Higher Education and DH works in the medical field.   I love baking, cooking, shoes, Diet Coke, froyo, and corny jokes. I don't like perfume, rude people, bad drivers, roasted red peppers...
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