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Thanks for the ideas. I was kinda thinking something like that too. I have some training pants she wears sometimes for "just in case" but those leak sometimes. Maybe I will put a cover over them or add an extra liner or something.
So come Thanksgiving time we will be visiting my in-laws at their house. There will be two children there, my DD (who will be 20 months at the time of visit) and her female cousin who is 7 weeks younger than DD. The girls have only met one other time and are very interested in other children so I am expecting them to play and intereract with one another.   So the problem is, when DD gets into a situation like that, she has a hard time stopping her play and using the...
Thanks for the info. I had not heard of those. I will have to check them out!
So we just finished reading "The Little House on the Prairie" books and we are so fascinated with Laura and Almanzo that we are wondering what happened next? Anyone have any good suggestions for what to read next? I was thinking maybe a biography of Laura or something? Thanks for any input!
  She has always been a wiggle-worm nurser! She never sits still even while nursing, and will nurse in almost any position!
  How could you not fall in love with that face!
This is exactly me. I used to think that spanking never hurt me and I grew up fine, but now after having a child of my own, after reading study after study about the long term affects of spanking, I realize that I am that way because of the discipline tactics my parents used... spanking included. I dont wish that on anyone, let alone my own beautiful baby. Also how can a child learn its not okay to hit, when you hit them? I know many others have already stated that, but...
I also LOVE the Ergo!! And I also felt the infant insert was useless and quite awkward. I used the Moby until DD was about 4 months, thats when we switched to the Ergo and I still use the Ergo everyday! DD is 16 months and 22 lbs. Although the Ergo is a bit pricey, I feel it was absolutely worth the money. I feel like it just gets more and more comfortable as time goes on and holds up well after many washings. The Moby was great and really comfortable, but it did take...
I loved the Moby too!! So sweet
I agree, very cute and adorable!
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