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This is the thing that most upsets me as a new parent. Logically I understand that events of child abduction, homicide, and crime in general have gone down drastically in the last 40 years, but it does not seem that way. And now many children have cell phones, making them even safer! Because of 24 hour news networks we now know of every missing or killed child across the country where as a generation or two ago that was simply not the case. There is such an overarching...
And as someone who lives in southern New Jersey (luckily no real damage in our area) I just wanted to say thank you to your husband! Its true he is getting paid to work with the relief effort, but that doesn't mean he isn't still making a sacrifice to help those in need. 
  I find it strange the OP was told her husband would not be welcome here, she gave a reason why some may not welcome him, and then it was said "wrong! Now he really won't be welcome!" 
Storm Bride   If you're looking for some kind of card game for the kids, Monopoly Deal is a great game! 
I remember reading this in a thread and a very important bit was left out. In the majority of cases where they knew where the child got WC from, they got it from the mother.  The two statements are VERY different. 
I just wanted to add I have a bag like this and I love it because it means I don't have to touch any of the diapers to put them in the washer. I just dump them in,  turn the bag inside out, and wash it with them.    HTH!
How old is your DS? Is he EBF or eating solids?   I do not soak my diapers, but we have to wash them about every 2.5 days. My DD is just starting to have "real" poops, and I will be buying a diaper sprayer to spray them off before I put them in the bin. I would think spraying off the chunks and then dipping the diaper in the toilet would be enough to combat smell so you would be able to store them in a dry bin.   If it does start to smell, you could add some...
While he hasn't put your children's lives in danger YET, he puts their well-being in danger every time he drinks and drives. The emotional and monetary consequences of a DD accident are major, and should not be overlooked.    Also, he is putting other mother's children in danger. Not okay. Although its late when he is driving there could be children in another car returning from a vacation, visiting a relative, or a baby who can't sleep so the parents are driving her...
Maybe. Unless you have an issue like depression, or an eating disorder, or PTSD, or anxiety, or...    Or do you really mean you don't want it to be used recreationaly? What about how sugar, caffeine and alcohol alter one's brain chemistry? Do you think we, as a nation, should repeat alcohol prohibition, knowing what happened the first time? Why not? 
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