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I wanted to share my input from the other side:   I really really wanted to have a home birth but we lived in a very noisy apartment building and I didn't feel like we had enough space to do a home birth (we also didn't have a tub!). I decided to birth in the hospital instead and really really regret it. I was treated horribly, unable to eat or move for 2 days, pushed into an epidural and eventually into a c-section. Because of all of the interventions (breaking my...
Because the CDC itself admits only 1-10% of vaccine problems are even actually reported to VAERS I don't really understand the significance of this. Yes, not every injury in VAERS was caused by vaccines but such a small proportion are reported anyway does it really matter?   *edited for clarity
It is when HUMAN RIGHTS are not being upheld for children. If I met someone in real life, did not like their behavior and spanked them because of it it would not be okay, it would be assault. I can't see why it matters if that person is a child or an adult. 
That is one of the biggest reasons for me not to vaccinate my DD- I'm far too worried about de novo mutations in her due to the vaccine overload I experienced as a child/young adult.   My generation is the safety test for an increased vax schuedle  (which has been increased even further!) and so far it appears to be quite the failure. 
If going through a trial with the vaccine court to prove that a vaccine caused your child's injury is not proof; literally having to prove it in a court of law- I'm not sure what you would consider proof.   I think Hannah Poling is a great example, are you familiar with her case? She has a mitochondrial disorder which is present in at least 0.01% of the population. Her mother has the same disorder (obviously because mitochondria are passed down through the mother) and is...
My Bradley Method teacher suggested it to me as there's really no AP or natural parenting community where I live in NJ. I lurked for quite awhile and finally recently joined!   I love (well love/hate as they can get pretty nasty) the vax boards and am sure I'll need he GD forum before I know it
As a FTM before my DD was born in Jan I did TONS (upward of 150 hours just during the second trimester) of research about vax's. If you want to PM me I can send you a list of websites I thought had good information and were also good jumping-off points.   I ended up deciding not to vax at all but that is my personal decision and is certainly not the same for everyone. One of the largest factors for me was the amount of vax's and mercury I received in my vax's as a child (...
To the OP:   I am in South Jersey and had *almost* no problem denying the three newborn procedures ( although we ended up doing oral Vit K anyway because of some bruising at birth). I would be VERY careful about the Hep B shot however, as that has been given out without parental consent. For various reasons our DD never left mine or my fiance's presence and I believe this is the best way to guarantee no unwanted vax's (as well as promote bonding!). We did face some...
Hi Ladies!   I wasn't in the January DDC but my DD Scarlett was born 1/1 and I'm looking forward to talking to some other mamas with babies the same age!
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