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164 again.   Stupid Halloween and Sandy    I'm getting back to the gym this week and doing some real workouts!
Luckily the storm did not do much damage to my immediate area. We only lost power for about 10 hours. We were hosting the MIL who lives in a shore town, everything in her garage was ruined but because she's on the third floor her condo survived. She has some friends who live on ground level throughout the city and they lost everything 
Our Halloween got postponed because of Sandy, its now happening Monday.   All of my DD's first major holidays are getting postponed; she was in the 4th of July parade because she was the first baby in our town born in 2012 and that was also postponed because of a storm!
Congratulations on your new baby girl!    You've gotten some great advice, and sound like you're less worried now but I just wanted to chime in and say I never needed breast pads. I bought a nice set of pretty organic cotton ones... and never used them. When my milk came in I was slightly engorged but that was the only time it really happened. Once or twice if DD slept for a longer period of time than usual my breasts would become "full" feeling again, but that was...
I have to second Fanboys 
I just saw the storm line goes directly through my town! About two blocks from where I live, and we aren't evacuating to anywhere    http://google.org/crisismap/sandy-2012
Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Its not too bad bad here yet, I hope it stays like this. 
164   at least I lost a bit!
I think I would be able to encapsulate my placenta and "take" it, but I don't think I would actually ever be able to eat it. 
Just as a heads up I'm in Southern New Jersey so I don't know when I'm going to be able to post my weight. They're talking about us loosing power for upwards of a week 
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