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-Ear infections: one or two drops in the ear a few times a day -baby acne: pat it on effected area 2x/day  -regular pimples: see baby acne -small abrasions: apply to wound (easiest if you freeze in an ice cube tray and use the ice) -cradle cap: see baby acne -insect stings: see small abrasions   That's all I can think of off the top of my head
I like the old skin better
I just wanted to chime in saying after having a not-so-great (to put it mildly) hospital birth I truly regret not having a homebirth in our apartment. I did not do it for the same reasons you are considering, and I really, really wish I had.    If I was you, I would simply try and keep myself away from the door and have someone else respond if the neighbors come to complain- if they do hopefully you won't even  know until after the birth is over. 
*As I don't have children that age myself yet, I'm drawing from advice I've seen posted on similar threads, hopefully some more mamas who have been through this will comment soon*   I wanted to start off by saying that although you have done things you aren't proud of in the past, what's important is that you're trying to change now!    I know many girls go through a pre-puberty stage between 6&9 where their hormones are starting to go crazy. Maybe this is part...
166 wooh!
I'm having a heard time understanding this bit. More likely to be abused in a foster home then where, in their parent's home? I'm sure children get removed for bad reasons *very* occasionally, but children usually get removed from homes because of abuse. Therefore it makes no sense to say they are more likely to get abused in the foster system. Maybe I'm missing something.          -I just wanted to add it is terrible that children are EVER abused, especially when they...
Olly- My DD is pretty good with hats, as long as its actually cool out. She'll keep them on if she's cold or if its windy, but not if we're just inside.    That sounds like a great experience for your DD!
My DD is going to be a ladybug for her first Halloween .   I got the costume on Etsy (I love supporting WOHM and its so easy on that site!) and it includes black leg warmers with red polka dotted flowers, a black onesie with sewn-on red polka dot wings/ruffles on the butt, and a crochet red and polka dotted hat (complete with antenna!). I just hope Halloween night isn't too chilly here. I think we're going to take DD around to a few of our neighbors, and then over to...
A few days ago I had a DHFS worker come and knock on my door  (I assume they are, or fall under the same umbrella, as CPS).   I was petrified, but of course let them in immediately (I was far too shocked to even think about the 4th amendment). My house was a "total mess" (I put this in quotes because it was messy, DP had just been sick and I was getting sick, but it certainly wasn't dirty- maybe the kitchen was a tiny bit - and nothing like what I've read about on...
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