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Today I did 30 minutes of stationary bike- 7.5 miles of "hills"   and 20 minutes on the treadmill
I just wanted to post and say I turn 24 in two days and I get it!    Although I get beaten down and tired I try to remember its actually easier because I'm younger. Because I had my DD while I was young, I have the stamina (and am familiar with) staying up all night. I can only imagine it gets harder with age.    I'm not sure if DD will be my only, but I also try and remember how YOUNG I'll be when she's a teenager or even 18. When she's 18 I won't even be 40...
Op, sorry this is getting so OT    I don't really have any advice for you, I don't like the idea of the flu shot, but I also don't know anything about the disorder. I hope someone who has BTDT comes along and responds!
How is it irresponsible? Do you believe the OP will blindly follow one person's advice on the internet? Most people can think and reason on their own. 
Matilda has always been one of my favorite names. I loved the book and movie growing up and was planning on using it for a daughter of mine (I still may!)   I like the sound of Matilda Jane.    mumm- We had our daughter's name, Scarlett Khaleesi, from about the time I was six months pregnant. We did not have a backup (only a boy's name just in case!) and I think it fits her perfectly. 
The OP should not blindly trust any medical advice given anonymously on the internet. This is internet rule #1. Because its on the internet its an opinion, not medical advice. Kathy said where she got her information from (so the OP knows she is not an expert on the disorder/possible complications) and urged the OP to do research on her own- including talking to Dr. Sears. Seems perfectly suited for a community message board for me. No need for snark
Today I did 25 minutes on the elliptical then 20 on the treadmill
Go Team Purple!!   Yesterday I did -35 minutes on the stationary bike -a few Yoga poses -Wii Fit rhythm boxing (10 minutes) -Wii Fit advanced step -crunches (I could only do about 10  )   and I ate well with a big salad for dinner!    Today I'm going for a walk on the boardwalk with a group of mom friends so that should be a nice light workout. Tomorrow I go for an apt with a trainer at the gym so I don't want to do anything to strenuous. 
1. Ergo, with or w/o infant insert (I didn't mind it) 2. Maya Wrap ring sling (great for errands with lots of in and out of the car or quick jaunts) 3. Moby for newborn   These are the only 3 I own, but I love them all and have not been tempted to branch out!
Tonight I'm making my Salmon with Sour cream/horseradish sauce again and roasted onions and fennel. I'll Probably add some spinach in there too.    Tomorrow I'll figure something out with porkchops. Maybe bbq?
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