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I had the same problem after my C-section in January. Get some Reflexology done! My MIL is a massage therapist/reflexologist and it worked wonders. I will warn you it HURT while she was doing it, I had to tell her a few times to go more gently, but it immediately helped *some* and after about a week and 3/4 sessions my ankles were back to normal. I did not take water tablets because if bf'ing.   Did the doctor check your blood pressure? I had very high pressure after...
Here is a link that illustrates the flaws and conflicts of intrest in the "big 14" safety/efficacy vaccine studies. Not quite what you're asking for, it focuses on Thimerasol and MMR; but its a start!   http://www.14studies.org/studies.html
Are you still breastfeeding the infant? If you are, make sure to stay with them and if they get exposed you will to. Your body will start producing antibodies immediately and your LO will be better off than anyone who isn't breastfeeding!    Other than trying to be diligent about people with coughs that's the only advice I have. But remember, just because its in SF now doesn't mean it won't be in your town in a month or two. You know the vaccine is not a viable...
I recently made roasted beets tossed a bit of EVOO and 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and they were very tasty 
I'm going to have to second the question of what do you think the court cases are based on? A bunch of mothers crying that vaccines like so totally caused their children's autism, or more specifically, autistic-like behaviors?  Do you really, honestly think that would be accepted in a court? 
32) The Memoirs of Cleopatra- Margarte George          While I enjoyed this book, I felt as if the last 1/3 dragged a bit
I love Scarlett's eyes in this picture:    
Well we ended up doing sandwiches and the rest of the split pea soup last night (my parents came over with Wawa sandwiches, yum). Tonight I made the salmon and sauce with roasted fennel and red onion, and spinach with mushrooms. As I was dishing it out, I dropped one full plate (half of the food) on the floor  ARRGHHH! We ended up splitting what was left and how at 9:30 pm I'm making butternut squash soup.   Tomorrow is a twist on Shepard's pie with ground turkey,...
My almost 9 month old is also not very interested in solids. She'll eat about 1/4 of an egg yolk a day (lol!), so I still consider her 99% EBF. She's happy, healthy and super active (she's almost walking!). She's even fairly slender (around 15, 15.5 lbs) and neither I nor my pediatrician are concerned.    So.. its fine! Relax. Remember, food before one is all just for fun! 
What about the Hannah Polling case? Do you disagree with the court findings and propose that her vaccines did not give her autism?
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