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Thank you, that video was great! I was doing almost everything wrong 
I've been feeding my DD yolks for the past 3 or 4 days, she eats about 1/3 of one yolk lol
I did not have a bucket-style seat, I went with a convertible from day one. I found it so much easier to go out with just her and the Ergo/sling, instead of that BIG stroller. Having two other LOs I can't imagine also trying to push a stroller! During a big storm we had here on June 30th my car got crushed and luckily I was able to borrow a car seat from our neighbors. It was a bucket seat, and that sucker was HEAVY! I don't know how people carry those around all the...
It used to be. It is now occurring more frequently in children. The rest of this thread addressed your other statement.   *edited to add qualifier 
let me start by saying I never cook, DP has always done it for me :P   But I started to feel bad about it and decided to become a better homemaker. I bought Feed Yourself, Feed your Family (LLL cookbook) and I love it!! I finally made a meal plan for this week (although I didn't designate days) and did the shopping on Sunday.    Yesterday I made shrimp scampi w/ whole grain rotini with garlic, green beans and tomatoes for lunch. Then I made Sausage with...
What about the rise in shingles that has occurred? 
Republicans see it as based on "men's individual rights and justice"    bolding mind. Republicans completely disregard individual rights when it comes to reproductive rights for women. 
I wash my large planetwise wet bag (diaper pail size) every time. Its still going strong after 7.5 months. I wash my travel PW wet bag about every other time and it is still in great condition. I usually do was every other day. 
Although I do understand what they are trying to say, I particularly like this quote:                " Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is more dangerous for young babies because they do not get the benefits from vaccination until about four months."
That is a great idea!
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