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My husbands work is based in the Westlands area, but we have not chosen a location to live yet. Is living near Karen out of the question for a commute to Westlands?  Are there any neighborhoods to consider between Karen and Westlands that you know of?   Thank you!  It is so comforting to connect with someone on the ground who can give info on things like this!   Ummamamma  
Hello - I will be moving to Nairobi, Kenya in January from Los Angeles.  My daughters are in Kinder and 3rd in a waldorf school here and I would love for them to continue in a waldorf program.  I have, however, heard mixed reviews about the waldorf school in Nairobi.  Is there anyone out there who has connections with the school or know anything that may be helpful about the program?   Thank you!
Hi - I am going to be moving to Nairobi in December with my husband and two daughters 6 and 9.  We are looking at ISK, but until now they have been attending a Public Charter Waldorf school in Los Angeles.  I have heard that the Waldorf programs in Nairobi are a bit run down and also a bit far outside the city.  I am wondering if anyone has insight into the Waldorf programs there - I believe there are two...   Thank you!
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