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I tried survey sites but they are slow money earner. You need to reach a certain points to receive payout, however, it would take you months to get that points.   About the trade, that depends if you can do it around the place where you are, or you might put it on selling sites. No idea. 
You may choose to do freelancing and look at available jobs through freelancing websites. Or if you are a writer, you can search for sites that pay articles. It depends on what skills you have.
  Nope, it is not commercial site. It is a personal blog, a relatively new one, I put it up last year of Feb. I know I am not a writer but since it's a personal one, I thought of writing them myself. Here it is:   http://sassymomonthego.blogspot.com/
I do have a personal blog but I don't know if I am allowed to put a link. It's all about being work at home mom and travels I did with my family.
You may work as freelancer to any freelance websites like oDesk, elance, etc. Hope things work well for you.
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