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Okay, so I found out that an alternative to steroid can be nipple cream or baby kisses...both contain lanolin. Seems way more natural. I think it's worth a try? What do you think?
I am so frustrated and sad right now. I used script for seven days (sparingly, bottle says twice a day, I did once a day) and then stopped. She has had baby soft, no redness or bumpy irritations....until today, the fifth day. She was fussy quite a bit today and I saw the start of a flare (just splotchy flat red spots) this morning. By 5:00 it was a full blown flare up on her upper back (so not as big of an area). I gave her a bath, which she LOVES every night...and she...
I'll have to look into that...I had planned to start on whole grain cereal or oatmeal in a few weeks now that excema is cleared up, so not to derail the thread, but are you just doing fats, veggies and fruits until around 18-24 mo?
I'm curious, why are you holding off on grains until 2?
So, I try to be as natural as possible, but after four months of Infant excema, I tried a script. I am shocked!!!! I never knew Rosebud's skin could be so soft. Even when I thought their were no flare ups, I know now that her skin was still rough and SUPER dry. Here is a photo of her back AFTER using hydrocortisone steroid cream...and it was an improvement. (want to show what i was dealing with on back, tummy, wrists, ankles, knees and milder version on scalp and cheeks)...
As far as cereal in the bottle, my ped said a baby can more easily asperate on it. I'm not sure with an older baby if that would happen...around here people put cereal in the bottle at 2 weeks old!!! I just politely disagreed and explained my two week old was not supposed to be STTN! What do you think about cereal vs oatmeal? We are getting ready to start in a few weeks, bc her excema is finally cleared up!
The only thing my DD slept with at that age ... And now at 5 months is her wub a nub paci. It has a very small stuffed animal attached to the paci and she loves to pull it out of her mouth and put back in. It has never been an issue, but I always move it away from her before I go to bed. It's more of a suck on paci till asleep type thing.
Ive never had to do that. I gave DD Just a few oz of apple prune juice (Gerber sells tiny bottles of it) every few hours until the deed was done. She hadn't gone in seven days and that's what the ped told me to do.
I would avoid putting cereal in the bottle. I'm going to start with oatmeal or rice cereal and veggies. I've read that it's best to introduce fruit after veggies, more like a dessert.
Chiming in one more time. It's unfortunate, but I have not found one environmentally friendly disposable that wouldn't leak at some point. If you don't want to wash covers, I'd go with a mainstream brand just for the trip. I have never had a leak from pee or poo when using huggies (not the naturals)...I have had leaks with the others.
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