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Oh, I have a heart condition called WPW, I usually have no issues (and had no issues in my two other pregnancies) But for some reason they think that this pregnancy is exacerbating my condition. WPW means I basically an extra electrical circuit in my heart that sometimes triggers and sometimes doesn't and when it does I get palpitations and my heart rate goes up to 300 beats a minute. So its rest for me! Hopefully after the bambino gets here I can ease my way back into...
Thank you Cindy! I see you are a veggie mommy! We are not vegan but we are clean eaters and my one year old is a vegetarian. 
I just got told no more working out. My resting heart rate was sitting at 170 and OB said no more. I had been running and lifting weights. I love all my bodypump, and body combat classes. I am super bummed out, but got to whats best for baby! 
oh thanks! I will do that, I thought the board was kind of slow, that might explain it! So are you letting your LO be a surprise?? I wanted to do that, but my husband veto'd that one! 
I just wanted to say a quick hello, I am new to this group. I am a SAHM/artisit, I have two sons (4, and 1.5) And I am pregnant with another boy, due 10/15! 
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