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Quote: Originally Posted by midwestmom I always mourn my preg belly alittle after I give birth....and this was my last, so it is really hard this time even though I was so freaking huge. i'm in this camp.
i feel completely incompetent pretty much all the time. it's a wonder we get fed & bathed around here some days. the first day on my own with just the two of them was a real eye-opener. now, i'm getting a little comfier, but really i don't eat or nap on those days, which is a real problem, i think. i agree with sonja's plan - taking it an hour at a time. some hours are better than others. i'm really dreading a few weeks from now when dh starts travelling again. i...
napping at the same time! now what?!?!?!
oh dear - lemme think! 2 birthday parties - 1 in a park, one in a residence with lots of strangers (so i count it as "IP") ... the beach, the grocery store, trader joe's, my ds' preschool parking lot, the container store, every restaurant i've been to in the last month, doc's office waiting room and the farmers' market. that's all i can think of right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by PancakeGoddess looks like we need to make a trip to the grocery to use the sca... er, buy some apples. birth - 8 lb 3 oz left hosp - 8 lb 1 oz 2w appt - 9 lb 1 oz today/4.5 wks - i'd guess 10 lbs? i'll check later! (ETA: 11lbs! yikes!)
Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly_mom We have a slight case of thrush but I can't stay away from sugar. IT's sooo good. DS wants my attention and I just can't give all to him right now. ditto on the thrush/sugar - & dairy - actually, after i figured out we were battling thrush, i still ate a pint of ice cream. and ditto on not being able to give my attention to ds - i find my temper is short with my 3 year old and my dh, as is my...
lol - see other thread today on similar topic! i was just typing - i ordered a solarveil (taylormade) sling and i've been told it's quite lightweight (someone just said "breezy"). my hotsling is fabulous, but just too, too hot lately. and fwiw, i don't really care about taking baby out of the sling in just a diaper & cover, but i don't like putting him in the carseat without a shirt or something else so the straps are not directly on his skin.
nak. i love my hotsling, but i don't know how the fit compares. i just ordered a solarveil (taylormade) - i hear they're cooler, but it is a ring. my friends swear the fabric is much lighter!
mama! tons of PTs headed out for you and your family.
oh! if you're having trouble snapping them and don't mind the diaper/cover hanging out (i mean, if it's a practical matter rather than an aesthetic one), you can get onesie snap extenders, which give you a couple of inches more length. (does that make sense?)
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