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Quote: Originally Posted by littlemommy18 also i thought EPO was suppose to induce labor? EPO is supposed to ripen or soften the cervix in preparation for birth, as well as increases the production of cervical mucus. it does not induce labor, but it helps with the preparation.
orally or vaginally? and how much? i switched from oral EPO to flax capsules when dh & i were having trouble ttc. with my ds, i took 3 capsules EPO (500mg) per day from 36 wks on. my m/w's handout says 3 capsules vaginally at bedtime ... so i wondered what everyone else has heard or is doing and why? (also, um ... when you do them vaginally, do you just pop the capsules right in there? do the skins dissolve? or do they get expelled? i'm imagining my dh...
Quote: Originally Posted by gumby74 Saw my doctor today as well as had an Ultrasound. Apparently, the baby is measuring "big" and I have excess amniotic fluid. i don't know anything about excess fluid or cords, but i wanted to reiterate, as i'm sure you already know it, that ultrasound estimates of baby size at this stage of the game are notoriously NOT accurate ... so i don't know what they are suggesting by "measuring big," but with my...
Quote: Originally Posted by turtlemama77 (you have to sneak your own food in...eating in labor is frowned upon...sigh) eating during labor is frowned on at our hospital, too, but the nurses always buy it if you say "oh, that's for my dh/dp/doula/etc." really, i think they know and choose to look the other way, but in case someone is looking over their shoulder, they still have to enforce hospital policy. and this time we're DEFINITELY packing...
lol - good one! i'll have to look - though at my height, in all likelihood, i'd end up tripping on it. i'm currently living in a cotton tent "dress" that i actually picked up in the sleepwear department somewhere - maybe mervyns? not exactly suitable for out of the house, but as pregnancy goes longer and longer, i stop caring. i think i'll probably labor in it. enjoy your find!
, mama! if it's time, it's time - you've carried those babies a long, long way already. and if it's not time, get some rest! i'll be thinking of you.
no advice on the rib pain ... sorry. but i wanted to second, third or whatever the cal-mag. i'm taking mine before bed, which eases the cramps and helps me get to sleep. i didn't know about nettle, but i have also been drinking nettle tea for allergies, so maybe that's been helping my leg cramps & RLS, too? i'm not leg-cramp-free, but they're not nearly as bad as last time around. good luck, mama! feel better and i hope you get some sleep.
i don't know if this helps, and i get confused which position is which, but this baby has been lying with his back on my right side, head down, with a very occassional flip so his bum's on my left side, after which he flips right back over. i have had many contractions. my ds used stayed also head down, with his back on my left side and his feet in my right ribs ... and i had TONS of ctx with him. does that make any sense?
Quote: Originally Posted by Garnettmama I just need to make it until July 1st to have a homebirth like we are planning. BABY STAY IN!! oh, take care of yourself, mama! tons of ~~~~~~~stay put, baby!~~~~~~~~~~~ vibes coming your way.
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