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I have been so confused this cycle- it seems to be nothing like any of my previous ones. Seemed to be gearing up for ovulation around day 14 or so, but no significant temp rise (up by 2 tenths for a couple days, but it seems insignificant looking at the whole chart ). We've continued trying every other day, because my CM seemed to be staying somewhat wet. Today (day 20) my temp dropped by 7 tenths of a degree. Seems like its possible that I had delayed ovulation due to...
Thanks for your response- its very comforting! I've been keeping track for a few months, but this is our first month trying to conceive & its anxiety producing! I'll try to relax a bit :) I really appreciate you taking the time to read/respond.  
I'm a little baffled by my chart. I have had a few confusing ones since I began charting in March, but I wasn't trying to conceive so I sort of let them go. When I showed the charts to my midwife at the pre-conception visit, she said she thought it looked like I was ovulating every month. The months that are easier to read seem to indicate that I ovulate around day 17/18, but I did have at least one month where it was at day 14.   One trend is that typically...
Thank you! We are both really excited!   Work has been very stressful lately, and I have this fear (which is probably irrational) that my stress levels will make it difficult to conceive. I'm trying to take lots of walks during the day and do other things to relax, but sometimes I get myself even more worried.  
New here-- this is our first cycle trying to conceive! We're both very excited! 
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