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And my challenge is to make time for myself and my husband when not with our kids, it's been toooooo long
I love hylands bc when my latest baby got her first teeth before 3 months it was the only thing I would feel safe giving her, and it works
Max congrats !!! So happy for you. I was just thinking about you a few weeks ago and am thrilled for Everyone else hi and read all your updates and thinking if everyone but too overwhelmed with recovery and being a mom of two to respond individually but so excited for everyone's good news
Yeah pokey! He is wonderful! And your pic is awesome
Coco congrats she is beautiful!!!! And yay for dOMA and prop 8 being shot down !!!!
Coco sounds like you're so close! I think it's so happening now! Erintn hope you go into labor on your own and if not that you find a way to still make your birth the one you want! Pokey you are in the home stretch!!! Go baby go! Glad they are giving you the full 42 weeks but hope you don't need it! E2w. So glad you are deeply in love!! I know dh was so worried prior to the birth if our first and how much he is so in love with our family now and just feels 100% the...
Granite I hope everything is okay! Placenta prévia is scary but very manageable! And hope kidneys are good too. Isa we were def planning on stopping at two but it still feels sad somehow but mostly I just feel lucky to be here with my family. Very lucky! On a totally different note a friend of mine us doing a pretty cool performance about an interracial queer couple making a baby. You can see all the episodes online so if you are interested here is the...
Just popping on for a quick update on my story.  easttowest you may NOT want to read this as I am basically everything that can go wrong with a c-section story and since MOST are fine it might just unsettle you so feel free to pop back on later. .    so i went into labor Monday afternoon, woke up from my nap with contractions 4-5 minutes apart that did not stop.  Called my babysitter to come over until my mom could get there, called DH to leave work and then took...
So we had our baby!!! Long slightly scary story I don't have time for right now but baby was born Tuesday morning via c section and is doing great ! Will try to post more details at some point but overwhelmed by recovery etc. I hope the rest of this June babies come soon!!
carmen. . sorry that sounds really frustrating. . it's hard to feel like the whole experience is a medical worry as opposed to enjoying the thought of what is coming. .    soto. . thanks!  and I hope you do get some relief, extra pain during pregnancy is no joke and since things generally get harder as you go along it's great to try to get ahead of the pain.  I just went to my chiro yesterday and my co-pay is 40!!  crazy that that is WHEN insurance covers it.  I feel...
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