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scorpioma .. congrats!  have faith, some people don't get darker lines for a while or at all. . it is DEF a positive!  Now what you need is a sticky baby so FX for you!!  I really thought this was your month too. . signs seemed good. . 
darcy. . sorry you are feeling so bummed   scorpioma. . my first line was a super squinter too!  seriously could almost not see it!  I think digitals are almost always less sensitive so don't go by that   lea. . if you don't get a + OPK until the afternoon I would aim for the next morning.  One thing I might suggest (if there is a FEDEX right near you is have them hold it at the office and go meet the shipment and take it right home) Out of our shipped trials,...
cananny. . love seeing those belly pics!  What a glowing mama to be!!    sphinxy .. welcome!!!  Happy and healthy stay!  
crashing again!  Sphinxy I think that's a line!!  Hoping it's darker tomorrow and at least one other person has a line to add tomorrow and many more to follow! 
samy. . I think Tuesday is probably too late.  If it doesn't matter go for it anyway,it can feel better trying, even if it's a slim chance than waiting but if you feel like you have limited times to ask your donor, skip it.  Is your donor close enough that you could go there?     scorpioma and sphinxy. . hoping for your BFPs  (and everyone else!!, I think they are just closest in waiting) 
pokey!  great news about your scan!  I don't think I saw your post before I posted so I wanted to add that!  and YAY for upcoming 20 week one and for buying from the gay salesman!  I still love it when my salesperson is gay, just makes it feel right!     mrsandmrs. . grapefruit diet, of course!  and love your answer about gender!  (that's what we always say)    wishin and hopin. . yay for viablility!  and I think my first pregnancy DH gained at least ten pounds,...
Carmen Hope your scan goes well and I understand your anxiety, I have not even have losses , only once when i thought i was but am sitting in the drs office now terrified something will be wrong. I hope your scan is wonderful and anxiety eases as you move along! Seraf - hope Sara heals well and your time alone is smooth as possible East to west! Five months, what!? Wonderful
Oh Max, I am so sorry.  I can't even imagine, my heart is breaking for you.  Hugs to you and DP.    
Before trying, I cut back on caffeine, started eating/drinking whole fat dairy products (which supposedly helps regulate Ovulation) and went to a fertility acupuncturist.  I am on my 2nd pregnancy and did this both times.  I also took chinese herbs twice a day.  I think my acupunturist is a miracle worker so if anyone is in the NYC area and needs a reference, let me know!  I went once a week except for the week it worked when I went twice, including the day of O.  And...
We also shipped and got pregnant through the mail.  We used donorhomedelivery. . I know people who used babydustdelivery??  (I think that's the name, or at least the baby dust part)    We did two kits, for the reason you said.  If you need more than one month, you can reuse the shipping parts and just order the TYB and save some money but you have to ship the kits back.  You can also order some shipping kits once you see what they look like but if you are just...
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